Chapter 10

Universal Access to Payment Infrastructure and Open Payment System Policies are Good for India

CAIT and ADB are committed to a Less Cash India

Our members are actively working and partnering with numerous banks, payment platforms and networks to build acceptance and promote electronic payments. It is critical that Government of India send a clear message that India will be a free and open market and build on the work we are doing today. To meet the challenges ahead we need the resources, expertise and commitment of all players in this payment space. The most successful economies allow universal access to payment neutral electronic payment systems, regulation and policies. We call on the Government of India to follow the free market path that will lead to success for all of us. Universal Access to Infrastructure and Open Payment Systems is the right policy for our members and it is the right policy for India to achieve and eventually exceed the goal of 2,500 crore digital transactions till March 2018 and thereafter.

Driving Digitisation of Payments and Last Mile Financial Inclusion

Universal Access to payment infrastructure for all market participants
Payment Neutral regulation
Consumer choice on ways to pay
Merchant choice on acceptance

Together we can build the best electronic payments system for a Less-Cash India.